The Studio offers a research-oriented master studio in architectural design. In spring semester 2016 the guest-professor in the studio will be English architect Tony Fretton from the London based Tony Fretton Architects.

"Whenever I am in Oslo I am struck by the quality of the Rådhusplass ensemble as public building and territory. However this studio is not about city halls but urban mixed-use apartment buildings like those behind the City Hall, and how they can also establish public territory. It is also about challenges and opportunities of designing larger urban apartments as places to live and about learning how the repetitions they impose have to be handled to give convincing public facades while providing enough intimacy and identity for those who choose to live there. As an English person my style of thinking and teaching is associative and empirical. It provides encouragement and a critical response to your development as a young architect."

Tony Fretton 


Buildings and their Territories is a theme that comprises a large number of architectural ideas and techniques. Buildings hold a wealth of constructional and social knowledge, while territory is both the physical area and space in which buildings have a positive effect, but also the fields of ideas with which they engage. For the studio project we suggest to design a building in the centre of Oslo that should engage with the qualities of Oslo's urban architecture, as for example with the Rådhusplassen and its formal setting, so that the formal and urbanistic issues of the buildings and their programs could be addressed. The program could be a mixed-use block of generous apartments, ranging in size from 100 to 250 sqm. The projects will be developed on several critical sites in the very centre of Oslo. + In introduction to the design task students will be asked to make a research study on the urban buildings and their territories. Successful buildings of this type exist at all scales, from the building by Tony Fretton's practice at Tietgens Grund in Copenhagen and the Red House in London, to Le Corbusier's Maison Clarte in Geneva. The messages from classicism has also a lot to teach us, for example the four Palaces around an octagonal plaza in Copenhagen near Tietgens Grund, Edinburgh New Town, Place Stanislaus in Nancy France and a great deal of Haussman's Paris.







Neven Mikac Fuchs

Tony Fretton

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