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Diploma Vår 2015

A Library in Cambodia

Young Eun Choi

We have an aspiration of being in solitude to have our own time and space. At the same time, we want to share feelings, emotions and ideas. I propose a library where people could have solitary moments and shared feelings surrounded by books in a library space. Cambodian traditional house has one room which is shared by many people for 1-3 generation without walls. Topography is vast flat rice field which make people share a huge fields with many others without having their own sheltered space. I studied how to make a space defined by walls of books and openings to garden. Later on I extended the idea of garden and connect the library space to the garden with the use of different heights of floors and on columns. One’s own room is not necessarily defined by walls but with books and a space to sit towards the garden. That is how I imagine the idea for the architectural space of the library in Cheung Prey, Cambodia.

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