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Diploma Høst 2016

Co-work Co-live

Rasmus Steen Pettersen

As modes of production are changing, so must the spaces we work. Cowork Colive is an investigation in how to facilitate the fluid existence in an ever more globalized and digitalized world, where work and everyday life no longer can be distinguished the way current strategies instigate. The advent of co-working spaces is one out of necessity as well as of fulfilling new potentials. Creative work, innovation and production of immaterial goods, is in many ways generated through social relations and its subsuming creative energies – value is created where people meet and the unexpected can occur (friction, serendipity). At the same time, spaces that provoke such conditions can be exhausting. With flexible rental-solutions, the constant option to change between work spots of different conditions will solve this. The project is therefore spatially gradated, from big, open, public spaces at ground level – linked to the city – to small enclosed private spaces at the top (frictionless). Each of the different floor levels coincides with the different types of memberships and is organised within a system that optimizes light conditions, infrastructure and accessibility to basic amenities. What this enables is a range of flexible organisational solutions, with the goal of maximizing the potential for serendipity effects, while at the same time always providing the users the possibility to withdraw whenever focus and serenity is needed. If working and living is indistinguishable, these different spatial conditions still covers the range of needs for a global creative worker. As this is an architecture developed from the inside, the strategy has been to initially study generic systems and then test on and adapt to site. Thus the specific contextual conditions have informed and produced variations in an otherwise rigid structure.

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