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Diploma Høst 2016

Montessori Skolen

Jonas Halvorsen Løland

Project seeks to look at architecture as a frame for learning and an instrument of thought. By living in the wolrd, we learn new things every day. Schools traditionally have spaces that support the receiving of knowledge, but knowledge is also something you can discover for yourself. I propose a school where children have the space to study in their own way, but still being part of a whole. 

The site is an old Norwegian farm on a hilltop in the landscape. I studied the tun in order to take part in this rich context and  I looked to the barn typology for a building of a single yet varied space. By manipulating the relationship between the base as a boundary and roof as a cover I searched for richness in spatial articulation - giving both thick and thin walls, high and low ceilings and inside and outside spaces.

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