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Diploma Høst 2015

A New Monastery on Selja

Mari Nysveen Hellum, Maria Andreassen Hummelsund

Benedictine monks live a collective life, following a rigid schedule where they preform most tasks together. Presence and intertwining of common spaces has been a central idea of this project, where the monk’s cell is the only truly individual space. The intention is to create situations with subtle connections between the different spaces - the domestic and the sacred, the residents and the visitors. The sublime landscape of the site forms a monastery garden where the monastic life is lived. A path connects all the important spaces of the monastery and provides a walk of contemplation between the monks’ daily tasks – work, prayer, meals and recreation. A monastery facilitates a range of diverse spaces with different functional and spatial requirements. This project investigates the architectural themes introduced by this program and the site at the island of Selja.

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