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Diploma Høst 2016


Julia Roditeleva

Karlheinz Stockhausen was the leading pioneer of electronic music and of the new uses of physical space in the performance of music. Stockhausen had a clear vision for future performance spaces. He had a dream about a music house. But since this house has never been built Stockhausen used a lot of different locations to perform his compositions. Stockhausen described a music house, which he imagined to exist in any large city: a house in which one can continually hear music, a house that consists of a whole complex of different auditoriums, which are to be used separately or simultaneously for a composition; a sonorous labyrinth of rooms, corridors, balconies, bridges, and ctr. I created a house to perform his piece called Fresco. The first time Fresco had been performed was when Stockhausen wrote a concert program for Beethoven's anniversary 3 rooms in the Beethovenhalle concert complex were used to present simultaneous Stockhausen programs. Additionally, four foyer spaces contained 4 chamber orchestras, which each independently played a layer of FRESCO, which was later called a “foyer music”. My music house is placed on one of the old ruins in the gulf of Finland approximately 50 km from Saint Petersburg. This fortress was built in the end of 17th century to defend Saint Petersburg. Placed on the water, the music house will be seen from Saint Petersburg harbour. It will provide a visual link to the city - and invite people of Saint Petersburg to take boats to the islands in order to perform and listen to music and also visit restaurants and cafes. They will come by a boat which stops here and could reach the house by a bridge. The Island has also a pier for private boats with a lighthouse which is a part of the music venue.

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