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Diploma Vår 2017

Vollane Horse Garden

Pia Habostad

The objective of the project is to explore an architecture of a horse farm on a rural site in Vollane/Norway where horses and riders can live together in a close relationship to each other. It is searching for a place and an inspiring building type that would incorporate a broad range of human and equine activities in a new hind of togetherness. While animals are usually relegated a secondary role in the farm, the
project is trying to challenge and reverse this usual dynamic, by approaching architecture from an animal perspective. The horse becomes
the main framework for the design, by taking his needs and demands as serious as possible in their most natural habitat. The set geometries, the architectonic elements and outside spaces used in the project that go with horse activities are thoroughly investigated, trying to keep the built space on the minimum.
On the one side, the intension was to create an architecture of big scale, related to the large environment, and on the other, to create spaces that blur division between domestic and external zones, allowing for a reciprocal intimacy between human and animal behaviors.
By equally emphasizing the outside spaces as much as the built, I have proposed a place like a big garden where the relation between horse and rider, with the local life and landscape as a back drop, can be fully physically experienced.

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