Our personal perception of reality is theresult of knowing and sensing.

When we are in a space our eyes perceive itssurfaces, which are illuminated, by degrees,with artificial light or sunlight. We hearsounds and smell scents, and we feel differenttemperatures and sit comfortably, or not as thecase may be. We also know, or at least have aninkling of what lies behind the surface, how the materials have been worked and preparedand where they come from. We remember howwe arrived in the space. We remember theadjacent spaces and perhaps who is standingin them and can imagine ourselves beingthere. We saw the building from the outside,or maybe only in pictures. We know wherewe are, or maybe not. We most likely knowwhich country we are in and the names of ourneighbouring planets, and assume the universeis endless and that it was created in a specificmoment. All this affects our being, and all ofthis is architecture.


The shown projects are spaces of houses,developed by 25 students for themselves.All the projects are represented with anideographic model and a rendering. Themodels are small in scale and covered withgold leaf. The renderings are big in scale,giving an immediate impression of nakedspace. Reading these two almost oppositionalrepresentations together one can possiblycreate a personal reality out of a representedessence of each individual building.







Neven Mikac Fuchs

Raphael Zuber

Chris Engh

Jonas Lippestad

Kai Reaver

Merethe Skjellvik

Torunn Stensheim

Julie Aars






Sigurd Gjesti Berge 

Siri Bjørntvedt 

Håvard Mørkved Bohne

Martin Brandsdal

Young Eun Choi

Laura Cristea

Juliane Mari Myking Eide

Cristina Gallizioli

Merce Lorente Gras

Maia Hodne

Maria Andreassen Hummelsund

David Kennedy

Daniel Torkjell Kvalem

Niklas Lenander

Margherita Napolitani

Eivind Nesterud

Emil Christiansen Pira

Haris Ramic

Jenny Margrete Rognli

Even Småkasin

Pedro Sjøblom Tavares

Aina Coll Torrent

Jenny Ueland

Peder Vilnes

Tiffany Weber