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Diploma Vår 2018

Grønland Cinema

Edvard Glazebrook

The site of the cinema is located at Grønland in Norbygata in one of the most diverse and active areas in the city. Today it is a parking lot, with a small square in front, and its location perpendicular to Tøyenbekken makes it a good location for a building with a public program. It is also close to the two busiest streets in the area - Tøyengata and Grønlandsleiret. When visiting the cinema, the first space entered is the cinema lobby shared with the restaurant. The tickets are sold in the restaurant bar. The room is defined by two solid walls that meet the street perpendicularly, and two glass walls - one towards the street and one towards a garden. Above this space, two elevated cinema auditoriums create a tilted ceiling, that directs the space towards the garden. After buying tickets, the visitors enter a room with two different staircases, one leading up to the elevated cinemas, and the other down to a larger underground cinema. The room is lit by a large window, that gives a view to the garden when passing.


The restaurant walls continue outdoors and surround the garden space. The wall has a height of 2.6 meters, and is kept massive to hide the functions located behind it: kitchen and two small outdoor spaces, a garbage room and a storage room. The garden space is intended for outdoor serving, and it consists of a paved stone patio surrounded by vegetation and the garden wall. Taller trees are located towards the limits of the garden, so that outdoor cinema projection can take place. The concrete floor in the restaurant continues 2.5 meters into the garden, and diffuses the border between the restaurant and the garden. The glass wall between the restaurant and garden is composed of sliding window panels, so that the restaurant can be opened completely towards the garden. After passing the garden a u- shaped hallway leads visitors into a long tunnel-like staircase climbing to the hallway on the second floor. The hallway is narrow and tall, getting the daylight from two skylights. The skylights are placed in front of the cinema entrances. On the second floor there are two identical auditoriums for 43 people and the exit at the top row. When exiting the auditorium after a movie, artificial light takes replaces the daylight, and leads the visitors towards the exit route down to the street, or back into the restaurant. The underground floors contain a larger cinema hall for 72 people, and a larger projection and storage room, to allow for larger non-digital projectors. The lower part of the cinema allows a ramp to connect the technical rooms under the auditorium with the exit staircase to the street or to the garden. The exit stairs, lead cinema visitors directly out onto the street or back into the restaurant space.

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